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At Marine View Lodge, our residents and their loved ones come first. We love to hear from residents, their friends and family about their experience at our homes. 

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I had a fall at home in my bedroom in October. I was really poorly in hospital and I was sent to Marine View Lodge to continue learning to walk again and get better. I was very frightened as I had never been in a care home before and I was nervous about falling again. Because of Covid, I was told that I had to stay in my room at first and not mix as I needed to be tested. I felt so ill I didn't want to be bothered, I didn’t really want to speak to anyone anyway. I didn’t want to eat, but the nurses encouraged me to and the physios were the people who wanted to make me walk again. A lady became my lifeline in there, she would bounce into my room, do my hair for me and take me down to the lounge. I loved every minute. They did a birthday cake and party for my 83rd birthday, I met the Chef and the Manager used to come to my room and sit and chat with me. Nothing was too much trouble, I came home yesterday I will miss it all. I feel like a new woman.


My husband is a resident at Marine View Lodge. The standard of care has been excellent. Any requests or queries we have had have been dealt with promptly and efficiently. The staff are always involved with the residents. They are light-hearted, friendly and welcoming. There’s always a cup of tea or coffee on offer for visitors. All the rooms and open areas are bright and clean.

Wife of Resident

The food is of the highest quality and is catered to all tastes.

Daughter of Resident

My lovely mum had a fall at home and broke her hip. After a hospital stay, she was brought to the Marine View Lodge. She was frail and weak, and the difference in her now a few weeks down the line is breathtaking. Excellent nursing care and food have built her up, but I believe the biggest contributor to her bounce back has been the lady who organises so many fun interactive events, it's inspiring. My mum couldn't be in safer hands, she's coming home soon and will miss Marine View Lodge and all the staff, and that statement is from someone who is there right now and says it all really. Thank you for caring for my mum like a family.

Daughter of Resident

Following a stay in the hospital, our father has been recuperating at Marine View Lodge. Yesterday, he celebrated his 95th birthday, and we would just like to take a moment to thank all the staff for the wonderful day they gave him. Staff went to a tremendous effort to ensure that everything was just perfect! The room looked amazing with fabulous balloons and banners, and the tables looked so pretty with flower arrangements. His birthday cards were thoughtfully displayed around the room, and he was even given a lovely ‘happy birthday’ glass as a gift. Delightful afternoon tea was provided, and on the big screen, they showed a concert - dad’s favourite musician. The staff made sure we Facetimed dad, which was lovely and even Facetimed his grandson in the USA! In these difficult times when we are separated from those we love and care about most, it is heartwarming and comforting to know he is surrounded by such kind, caring people. Words cannot express our appreciation.

Daughter of Resident

Our Dad has been living with dementia at Marine View for almost four months now. During our Dad's stay, his individual needs have been well catered for in terms of essential health and welfare but also with stimulation and social interaction from in house functions and days out. He has become quite settled and calm, not only due to the beautiful uplifting interior but more importantly due to the care, understanding and dedication of the staff. We have seen how the staff react calmly and effectively in difficult situations and how they cater to his needs, such as mobility problems, etc. The staff are also encouraged to sit with the residents during mealtimes and play games (when possible), giving the place a homely feel. We, as a family, can relax with the thought that Dad is in the best possible place in his circumstances, is in good hands but we also have the benefit of a support network too.

Daughter of Resident

I would highly recommend Marine View as my mother came in November and the improvement in her well being is so much better. The staff are very friendly and caring and give their time to residents and their families. Also, they have some activities on a regular basis and all residents are included and involved, no matter what their abilities.

Daughter of Resident

From the day I met the Manager and chose Mum’s room I felt comfortable and happy, assured that this place was the right choice. Since Mum moved in my feelings have only been reinforced and my sense of relief and reassurance that mum is now living in a place where all her needs are being met are growing daily.

Daughter of Resident

My sister-in-law stayed for one-month of respite care. The staff were friendly and interacted with the residents. It was a peaceful environment and everything including the decor was of a high standard. As a retired nurse who has worked in nursing homes and had a mother with vascular dementia, I would highly recommend Marine View Lodge.

Sister-in-Law of Resident

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